A message from you instructor, Lea Louise.

This beautiful quilt originated in my scrap pile and turned out to be such a stunning surprise. This is a simple batik charm square 4-patch quilt block pattern. It’s fast & easy to make. Lots of straight sewing also makes this quilt a fast finish!


Make a Beautiful Batik Charm Square 4-Patch Lap Quilt 

This Easy Batik Charm Square 4-Patch Lap Quilt Video Tutorial will show you all my tricks to simplify the 4-patch quilt block. The PDF downloadable pattern, instructions, & design layout page are all included. This is a great beginner’s quilt pattern that is simple to piece and assemble. Once you learn the basic design layout you can make any size quilt with this fun patchwork pattern.

A Simple 4-Patch Quilt Block Pattern 

A Stunning Batik

Charm Patch Quilt

Simple alternating quilt block with multiple layout options.

Combining lots of beautiful batiks can be challenging to balance both colors and patterns. Blending multiple colors harmoniously can be very personal when we gravitate toward colors we love. When you use your ‘happy colors’ you’ll get the best results. But there are a few rules to keep everything in order for a magnificent quilt design.

Select Focal Fabrics 

Bundles of batiks are beautiful together. But without the right mix you may end up with a very monochromatic quilt with little visual interest.

Choose Contrast  

While you’ve probably seen and admired contrasts in a quilt, you may not realize how important an accent fabric can be. The best accent fabric choices will include some of your focal colors. This creates a harmonious color scheme that looks great together and sets a stunning quilt apart from the rest.

Add Background 

Quilt backgrounds are an important design element in any quilt. Selecting the perfect batik background fabrics will create balance in your final quilt design.